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Update News for November 2018

Update News for November 2018 

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

  • November 5, 2018, 12pm EST
    Term4sale Bumping Week Begins
    You Snooze, You lose!
  • The Importance of Local Zip Codes 
  • Finding The Best Zip Codes 
  • If You Have No Zip Codes
  • Did Anyone Notice The New Website? 

These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

November 5, 2018, 12pm EST
Term4sale Bumping Week Begins
You Snooze, You lose! is our public web site where consumers can get free life insurance quotes and where we refer those consumers to the three agent/subscribers listed in that zip code.

REMEMBER/IMPORTANT:   Compulife does NOT sell life insurance. Compulife does not compete with our subscribers. We have no relationship with any insurance agency, IMO, FMO, BGA, AGA, whatever. The ONLY source of revenue that Compulife generates is from the sale of our software and related services, none of which involves receiving commissions for insurance. Not only do we avoid any and all conflicts of interest, we avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest.

That’s why any sales of insurance generated by an agent through is the agent’s business. The agent places that business with whoever they want, and the agent does not share any commissions or bonuses with Compulife. We get no share of any of it, no splits, no kickbacks, no finder’s fees, nothing.

Compulife’s revenue from is from the listings we sell, PERIOD. For agents who participate, a zip code listing at is no different than buying advertising in the yellow pages.

The Importance of Local Zip Codes
Compulife wants every susbscriber who participates to have a chance to make sales from We believe that is an important “value added” benefit to being a Compulife subscriber. It’s just one more reason to buy our Windows PC product.

To make sure that every subscriber has a chance to generate some business from the web site, every subscriber to Compulife’s Windows PC software has the opportunity to purchase up to 3 local zip codes (standard license subscribers can buy up to 6 local zip codes).

Local zip codes are important for 3 reasons:

1.  Local zip codes are sold at $12 per year. This is a cost saving versus the $18 per year you pay for additional zip codes, should you wish to buy more.

2.  A local zip code lets you force your way into the best zip code listings in your local area (often these zip codes are already full; 3 subscribers listed in a zip code fills the zip code)

3.  A local zip code listing features your local phone number. Consumer are more inclined to call an agent when they recognize a familiar area code and exchange in a phone number.

NOTE:   Your local area is a 20 mile radius from your location. We may make that circle larger if you are located in a rural area.

In order to force your way into the more popular zip codes in your local area, when they are already full, you must BUMP one of the subscribers already listed in that zip code, where that subscriber is NOT listed using one of their local zip codes.

In the past many subscribers have already taken advantage of bumping into better zip codes. If you have done that before, there is no need to do anything now.

If not, there are two groups of subscribers who need to ACT NOW:

    • 1. If you do not have any zip codes, or less than three you should consider buying your 3 (6 if you have a standard license).


    • 2. If you have never bought zip codes you should consider getting listed.

Now is the time.

If you have already done this, then there is no need to read further.


Finding The Best Zip Codes
There is no substitute for your own knowledge of your own local area, but to assist you Compulife developed a very important tool to help subscribers locate the better zip codes to be listed in. We call this the:

The following is a quick tutorial to help you learn to use the Zip Code Analyzer:

1.  Go to the ZiP Code Analyzer: www.term4salecom/zipcode

2.   Put in your zip code and click the “Analyze This” button

3.   To find the most prosperous zip codes in your area, click the 4th column titles “Zip Code Income (Millions)

4.   You will see a bunch zeroes come to the top

5.   Click “Zip Code Income (Millions)” again

6.   This will bring the biggest numbers to the top

7.   You will see that most of those zip codes are full (3 listings)

8.   You cannot normally get into a full zip code

9.   If that zip code is 20 or less miles from you, then you can use your local zip codes to get into the zip code
NOTE: This assumes that the zip codes is not already full of locals; call Compulife to find out

10.   Call Compulife on November 5th, after 12 noon EST with your list of local zip codes.
            (800) 798-3488   or   (888) 798-3488

11.   You can exchange whatever local zip code(s) you have, for the zip code(s) you want.

12.   You will have the immediate option to re-buy the zip codes you are giving up in the exchange.

13.   Call Compulife if you have any questions
            (800) 798-3488   or   (888) 798-3488.


If You Have No Zip Codes
There are some subscribers to Compulife who don’t sell life insurance.

A number of life insurance companies purchase our service, to maintain a competitive watch on the market. They don’t want listings.

A number of agencies want Compulife to provide quotes to their brokers. Many of these agencies don’t retail insurance, they act as distributors and whole salers. They don’t want listings.

A number of agents and agencies use Compulife but don’t want their competition to know about it. They don’t want listings.

This was one of the reasons Compulife elected to stop providing local zip codes for free. A number of subscribers had zip codes they really didn’t want, and they have elected to stop buying them. That means there are more zip codes for those who do want them.

And the majority of our customers do sell life insurance. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want a listing at If you have not read these before, maybe you should read them now:

$36 per year gives you a chance to make a sale at Compulife, and our zip code warranty (more about that next month) means that if you do not get at least one email contact from term4sale during the year, then your 3 local zip codes renew FREE for the following year.

Next month we will talk about the Zip Code Warranty and the next important date on the term4sale calendar:

Monday, January 14, 2019     (12pm EST)

That’s when we have the zip code land rush, and it’s your best opportunity for the entire year to buy additional zip codes that were previously full, but have now become available.


Did Anyone Notice The New Website?
From time to time I am lectured by people who will tell me our software looks clunky and old fashioned. Last month Jeremiah wrapped up a new responsive website for

Did anyone notice?


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