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Referral Program

COMPULIFE will give you a FREE local zip code listings at, for the balance of this year.

We offer a 2 Month Free Subscription to all first time subscribers of COMPULIFE’s core products and referring someone else has never been easier! 

To send us your referral(s), please do the following:

  1. Tell your referral about the 2 months free subscription to COMPULIFE.
  2. Have your referral put your name in their 2 months free application so we know that you are “How they discovered COMPULIFE”.

That’s it!  We will give you a FREE zip code listing for the balance of this year for each referral you make.  It is conditional upon your referral telling us, on their 2 months free application, that they discovered COMPULIFE because of you. 

Once we have your referral, you can use the TERM4SALE zip code analyzer to locate an available zip code, then email that zip code to:

Zip Code Analyzer

And because it is a local zip code, in the first full week of November, you can use that local zip code to bump your way into the best zip code(s) in your local area.

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