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Update News for November 2017

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

    • November 6, 2017, 12pm EST
      Term4Sale Bumping Week Begins
      You Snooze, You lose!


    • The Starting Time is 12pm EST


    • Do Some Preparation In Advance



    • You Have First Chance to Re-buy



    • One Other Way To Get More Local Zip Codes



    • The One For Three Guarantee



    • There Is Still A Shortage of Zip Codes



    • Reviewing Zip Codes Limits For 2018



These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

November 6, 2017, 12pm EST
Term4Sale Bumping Week Begins
If last year you took advantage of “BUMP WEEK” and moved your 3 local zip code listings into better zip codes, and BUMPED out paid listings, you can ignore what follows…

UNLESS!!! You have a Standard License for Compulife ($300 per year).

If you do, PAY ATTENTION!!

Last year, for the first time, we let standard license subscribers (paying the higher fee of $300 per year) purchase an additional 3 local zip codes for ONLY $12 each! Many standard license subscribers did not take advantage of the ability to get 3 more local zip codes. Now is the time to make sure that you take advantage of that opportunity.

Additional paid zip codes listings are normally $18 per year. Local zip codes are only $12 per year.

By doubling from 3 to 6 local zip codes you will have 6 zip codes that you can use to BUMP people out of zip codes within 20 miles of you (in rural areas the circle can be bigger – call if that’s you). If you miss this opportunity to increase your number of local zip codes, YOU MISS THAT OPPORTUNITY.

Once again, the normal cost of a paid listing is $18 but you get the additional 3 local zip codes for only $12 each (payable as $1 per month for the balance of your current subscription). More important, they can be used to bump which you cannot do with additional paid zip code listings. $18 additional paid zip codes are sold on a first come, first serve basis and once you purchase and have a zip code, no one but a local agent, using their local zip code, could force you out. But that can only happen once a year, in the first full week of November. Once you purchase an additional zip code, it is yours for the calendar year.

The local zip codes are tied to your subscription, and renewals on those are charged at the same time as your subscription. Additional paid zip codes are sold on a calendar year basis.

Can a Personal Use subscriber UPGRADE to a Standard License and get the 3 additional local zip codes? YES THEY CAN! If you want to do that we look at how much time is left on your current subscription and charge you an upgrade fee of $10 per month for the balance of the subscription. $10 is the normal difference in annual price ($300 – $180) divided by 12. The three additional zip codes would be $3 per month on top of that.

There are other advantages to the standard license, call if you want to discuss it. You should do that BEFORE November 6th.

And if you are in an area where great zip codes are scarce, because the good ones are all full, the week of November 6th would be a great time to make a move and double up on local listings.

And if you have NOT previously used the opportunity to BUMP zip codes, then you don’t want to miss the opportunity to do so this year.

And yes, people are making sales from term4sale. You can read about that here:

Testimonials from Compulife subscribers
The Starting Time is 12pm EST
Every year someone complains because someone else beat them to the punch. We have a HARD starting date and time to ensure that this is FAIR for everyone, and no one can complain if someone else beat them to it.

IMPORTANT: Do not call or email with zip code change instructions before 12pm EST on November 6th. If you do, your email will be ignored. If you call early you will be told to call later.

Because the phone lines will likely be busy that day, and a lot of the early part of that week, it is BEST to do your homework in advance and email your instructions for changes to:
If you are switching zip codes for better zip codes we will need specific instructions. Tell us what zip code you are giving up and which zip code you want in its place. If you don’t know what zip codes you have, email and ask for a list of those zip codes ASAP.

Do Some Preparation In Advance
You can research zip codes at:

Zip Code Analyzer
If you see a zip code that you want, and it’s full and within 20 miles of your physical location, go to the home page of, and check the listing to see who is in it. Put in the zip code, run a quote, then click the “Select and Continue” button to see if any of the agents in that zip code are displaying a toll free number. Either a toll free number, or what appears to be a non-local phone number, is a pretty good clue that that agent is probably buying that zip code as an additional listing. If that is the case then that agent can be bumped. We’ll make the final check but you should assume you can get it if you want it; just email us your instructions.

If you are a Standard License subscriber, wanting 3 additional local zip codes, say so and let us know which of zip codes you want. Use the same instructions as above.

You Have First Chance to Re-buy
Any subscriber giving up a listing, to move that listing to bump into a better local listing, has the first opportunity to re-buy the listing that they are giving up. The cost to re-buy and keep the existing listing for 2018 will be $18, same price as any other additional zip code. If you do not re-buy the listing, then the listing will be released on January 8, 2018 when we post the new lists of zip codes that are not being renewed.

Do not put your credit card information in any emails that you send us. If you are buying additional local zip codes, or re-buying a previous local listing that you gave up, we will call you to get your credit card (once things cool down; make sure your phone number is in your email). You will need to pay by credit card when we call you, but your request does not need a payment to be locked in. Once again, first come first served.

One Other Way To Get More Local Zip Codes
Compulife compensates subscriber referrals for new customers with a FREE local zip code for 2 full years, plus the balance of the remaining year. Refer an agent to try our software and that agent gets 6 free months of software (instead of 4) providing that they do the “Dare To Compare” challenge/tutorial to get the 6 free months (no purchase required). Once again, if your referral does that challenge, to get the free software, then you get a LOCAL zip code FREE for 2 full years, plus the remainder of the current year.

When your FREE period on that zip code ends, you will have first right to renew it as a paid listing. Before that, you will be able to use it as a local zip code to bump. The time to use the bump will still be the first Monday in November.

IMPORTANT: You have until November 6th to make referrals, earn your additional FREE local zip code, and use it to bump on:

Monday, November 6th, 2017 (12pm EST)
If I was an enterprising subscriber, who knows that term4sale is a profitable experience, I would be VERY busy in October referring everyone I can get my hands on. Use the following form to make your referral(s):

Compulife Trial Referral Form
Given the benefit of being able to bump paid listing in your local area, I am surprised that more subscribers do not take advantage of this opportunity. A lot of gold is being left on the table.

There Is Still A Shortage of Zip Codes
Two years ago we told you that we had arrived at the point where demand was exceeding supply when it comes to zip codes. Last year’s new restrictions on paid zip codes certainly helped to free up a number of zip codes, but then like the year before those zip codes got gobbled up in a land rush stampede in the second week of January.

As we previously announced, we are reducing limits, to free up some more zip codes. That change was announced earlier this year, but we will review them here so you understand the change renewal invoicing for 2017.

IMPORTANT: We are not trying to penalize subscribers so much as we are trying to make sure that ALL subscribers get a kick at the can. We want term4sale to benefit ALL Compulife subscribers, not just a few subscribers a lot.

The One For Three Guarantee
Those who contact us inquiring about term4sale listings generally want to know what they can expect by way of results. I always say the same thing. For every 3 zip code listings you can expect ONE solid email contact through the system. Some subscribers do better than that, but it is a general rule of thumb. Now I say “email” referring to the contacts that come through the term4sale “agent” list where the consumer completes the email form and it is sent on to the 3 listed agents.

In addition to email contacts, your name and phone number are displayed in the listings. If a consumer calls you directly, and we KNOW some do, then we have no record of those contacts and that is icing on your cake. For the zip code guarantee this does not factor in, simply as we have no way to monitor such activity.

Here’s how the guarantee works:

If you get to the end of December, and you did not have have at least one email for every 3 zip codes you have, we will reduce the cost for you to renew those zip codes for 2018.

EXAMPLE: You have 14 zip codes, three local and 11 that you purchased. For 14 zip codes we expect: 14/3 = 5 contacts (4.67 rounded up). Let’s assume that you had only 3 email contacts (note: we do not count duplicate or BOGUS contacts) On November 15th, we would have invoiced you $198 (11 X $18) for 2018 renewal (local zip codes are invoiced with your subscription). However, you really only got the activity we would have expected for 9 total zip codes, which would have been 3 local zip codes, and 6 additionally purchased zip codes. Therefore, we will credit your invoice DOWN to $108 (6 X $18) and give you the same 14 zip codes for 2018. In other words, you will have 5 of those 11 paid zip codes for free.

IMPORTANT: There are NO REFUNDS, simply a reduced renewal cost for the SAME zip codes for the following year. You can add zip codes, and pay for those, but if you substitute any of those zip codes then the price of renewal for those will still be $18 for the year.

This guarantee is designed to act as a way to retroactively balance out the cost of zip codes listings that are NOT as attractive or are not producing.

Reviewing Zip Codes Limits For 2018
Last year Windows PC subscribers had the ability buy an additional 90 zip codes. This year that number is being reduced to 80. The price of additional zip codes is unchanged. If you have a license with more than 80 zip codes, then you will need to decide which zip codes, over 80, you are giving up.

Remember, you have last year’s email traffic, and the Zip Code Analyzer, which is found here:
The combination of those two things will guide you in that decision making process.

Yes, at some point we will build a system to give you better information about zip code contact performance, but we will introduce a new pricing structure at the same time. So while you’re thinking about some of the work this involves, we think you will eventually look back on the “good old days” when we make those changes (not in the short run).

Once again, when you are invoiced for 2018 renewals, you are NOT required to renew any zip code. If you decide to drop all or some of your zip codes, those zip codes will come back into the pool of available zip codes on January 8th.

IMPORANT: We give subscribers from November 15th to January 5th to pay their zip code renewals. That means you can decide in which year to expense the cost for tax deduction purposes. Yes, term4sale listings are an advertising expense and you can deduct them from your commission income. If you think you may benefit from the one in 3 guarantee wait until late in December to make your claim and pay your invoice.

In addition to being able to buy an additional 3 local zip codes for $12 each (for 12 months), Standard License subscribers can buy an additional 240 zip codes over the first 80 that all Windows PC subscribers can purchase (most Compulife subscribers buy the personal use edition which only allows 3 local zip codes).

The price per zip code, for zip codes over 80, will increase to $2 per zip code per month ($24 per year). We expect that to be a pinch for some standard license subscribers, but then that was one of the reasons for ratcheting up the ability to get 6 local zip codes instead of 3.

A few enterprising subscribers last year, realized that if they bought ADDITIONAL licenses for Compulife, they could avoid the higher $2 per year zip code price, and at the same time get 6 more local zip codes for $12 each. This works particulary well if you want a large number of additional zip codes over the 80 limit. If all you want is 10 or 20 additional zip codes, then you are better off to just pay the $2 price.

Remember:  Personal use subscribers may want to upgrade from personal use to standard license to take advantage of the ability to get those 3 additional local zip codes (for a total of 6). We can do that upgrade for you on November 6th, when you call to maneuver into 3 additional better zip codes in your local area.



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