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Update News for March 2016

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

    • Compulife Obtains SSL Certificate for WebQuotes Server



    • SSL Certificate Coming For



    • Term4sale Price Change April 1st



    • Our Focus Shifts To Canadian Customers



These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

Compulife Obtains SSL Certificate for WebQuotes Server
We are pleased to inform our customers that we will now feature the use of a SSL Certificate as part of our updated Webquote server. For years our software has run on a server without an SSL Certificate. Traditionally, SSL Certificates were needed only when sites were exchanging sensitive transactional information such as credit cards. Since our software handles less sensitive information such as a client’s name, phone number and email address, we didn’t see a need for it.

NOTE: For Compulife subscribers paying their accounts by credit cards, our system transfers you to our bank’s website for payments to be completed. Like all banks, it features a SSL Certificate and your personal information is secure.

In recent months, several subscribers have begun asking for the SSL Certificate to increase compatibility when linking sites and servers. Typically, when you have a SSL Certificate on your site’s server and you place a link to another server on your page which does not have a SSL Certificate, your page with display warnings. In particular, this becomes an issue for customers who choose to “frame” the new responsive Webquote page on their site. The warnings end up appearing before the page is even generated. Updating the server with the SSL Certificate resolves these issues.

NOTE: If your site does NOT have an SSL Certificate, and you were not having issues before, you will have no issues with this change. The problem only occurred if your server has an SSL Certificate and attempted to display material from a site without an SSL Certificate. The reverse situation is NOT a problem.

One of the greatest advantages of the new Webquote option is the ability to make a “frame” on your webpage and place the new Compulife WebQuote option into that “frame.” Our Webquote results page is designed to fit into the space you allocate, looking great every time. Those wanting to build their own messages and options around the web page can do so easily. More importantly, if your site is responsive, the new responsive quote page works perfectly within that site.

SSL Certificate Coming For
Our next upcoming project is to obtaining an SSL Certificate for Term4Sale. The decision took into account the anticipated changes to website search engines. Several search engines are looking to give preferential results to sites featuring SSL Certificates as opposed to those without. We anticipate the addition of a SSL Certificate to will continue to improve our search engine results. Over the past year, we have seen a steady climb on the search engines. For example, searching:

google search: term life insurance quotes
Has been listing us up as high as #1 on google alone! This time last year that that same search had us about #4.

NOTE: You will notice that the first three results on Google search are paid ads. We did utilize paid ads for a time. However, after evaluating the outcome from using the ads, we were not impressed by the results. Our standings are generate enough traffic on their own.

The page counter at has now passed 3,700,000. We anticipate passing 4 MILLION by mid-summer!

Our google analytics show that we are getting an average of about 700 “unique” users per day (some days are higher than others). This means we are seeing about 20,000 “unique” visitors per month. Those visiting the site multiple times make up the rest of the traffic. Some of these repeated users are agents who are using the site rather than paying for the software. We’ve noticed that those visiting agents come to the site, and stay (they don’t bounce) telling the search engines that our site is important to visitors. While we don’t generate income from these agents, we do generate traffic thus keeping our ratings high. This is good news for our paying agents featured on Term4Sale. Higher ratings means more referrals for those agents listed at Term4Sale.

Term4sale Price Change April 1st
A number of price changes were discussed in last month’s bulletin. If you missed it, you can read it here:

Update News for February 2016
The first price change to occur will be April 1st. At that time prices for zip codes will increase. Any customers who purchases additional zip codes after April 1, 2016 will pay at the new price level.

NOTE: You can still add additional zip codes for 2016 (if you have not exceeded your limits), at the old price level, if you do so before March 31st.

The cost to purchase a zip code is increasing from $1.25 per month (payable to the end of the calendar year) to $1.50 per month.

Standard license subscribers (“Compulife Advanced”) who are buying more than 90 zip codes, who were paying $1.50 per month for each zip code over 90, will have that price increased to $2 per month.

Once again, the new prices are effective April 1st.

IMPORTANT: These changes do not affect those who have already bought and paid for their zip codes for 2016. Only additional purchases made on or after April 1st will have the new prices applied.

Renewals for 2017 will be invoiced at the new prices. Further, Standard License subscribers who were able to purchase up to a total of 360 zip codes in 2016 will now be offered up to 320 in 2017. We encourage those moving from 360 to 320 zip codes to take steps to analyze your results from this year’s contacts to ensure that you identify the best zip codes from your current group.

Our Focus Shifts To Canadian Customers
We have appreciated our Canadian customers’ patience as we have worked through introducing the new Compulife Basic software (the old Mobile Edition with new responsive pages), the new Compulife Web Quotes (also responsive) and the implementation of SSL certificate for the Web Quotes and Term4Sale sites for our U.S. subscribers. Once the work has been completed, we anticipate focusing our efforts on bringing those same changes to the Canadian versions of those products and services. Canadian changes should begin in March and last through April.

Make sure to watch out for the other exciting changes we have planned in the upcoming months!!



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