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Update News for January 2022

Update News for January 2022

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

  • Happy New Year
  • Zip Code Renewals Must Be Paid By
    January 7, 2022
  • Zip Codes Available At 12 Noon EST
    January 10, 2022
  • Do Some Preparation In Advance
  • Changes Coming in Montana?
  • Our Current Programming Plans for 2022

These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

Happy New Year
All of us at Compulife would like to extend to you and your family the very best wishes for 2022. This is the 40th time that we have been able to say Happy New Year to our first customers.

Here’s hoping that 2022 brings an end to the COVID madness, and allows our lives to return to normal.

Zip Code Renewals Must Be Paid By
January 7, 2022
As we said last month, nothing compels you to renew your additional zip code listings and you will continue to be listed in those zip codes until January 7, 2022 in the event that you elect not to pay those renewals.

IMPORTANT:   If your payment has not been received by the end of business on January 7, 2022, the additional listings that you have will LAPSE and be made available to other subscribers at noon on January 10, 2022.

If you believe that you did not get sufficient email contacts (as per our 3 for 1 warranty) and that we will need to make a warranty adjustment to your invoice, please contact us immediately. We’ll review your total number of email contacts and weigh that against the number of zip codes that you have, and the number of email contacts that you are entitled to. If you are short, we will determine the credit that we need to make against your invoice for 2021.

Zip Codes Available At 12 Noon EST
January 10, 2022
The land rush begins at noon, January 10th EST.

As it is every year, the second Monday in January, at 12 noon EST, is the best and busiest zip code purchasing time of the year. The zip codes of those who did not renew their previous listings will become available on a first come, first served basis.

To keep this fair and equal for all, we have a HARD starting date and time to ensure fairness. Every year someone complains because someone else beat them to a zip code that they wanted.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT call or email zip code purchase instructions before 12pm EST on January 10th. If you do, your email will be ignored and we may not have time to respond. If you call early to buy zip codes, and get through, you will be told to call later.

Because the phone lines will likely be busy that day it is BEST to do your homework in advance and email your instructions for new purchases or changes as soon after 12 noon as possible. If you have questions then call or email us the week before.

NOTE: You have two basic options for acquiring new zip codes. You can either pay for and ADD zip codes to your current list, or you can trade/exchange zip codes that you already have for zip codes that you think are better. There are limits to the number you can obtain, and you can call to discuss that if you need to.

Available zip codes (ANY zip code with less than 3 agents listed) will be available on a first come, first serve basis. The new list will be published on January 10th early that morning. You can review available zip codes here at that time:

Zip Code Analyzer
Any additional zip code purchased on January 10th, must be paid for immediately. The cost of the zip code will be 11 X the monthly fee ($1.50 for the first 75, $2 for zip codes over 75; standard licenses only). Once your new zip codes are added, the remainder of the month of January is free.

If you are switching zip codes for better zip codes we will need specific instructions. Tell us what zip code that you want to add and which zip code that you are giving up in exchange for it. If you don’t know what zip codes you have email us at and ask for a list of those zip codes ASAP.

Do Some Preparation In Advance
Once again, you can research zip codes at:

Zip Code Analyzer
If I was you, I would print a list of zip codes in the areas that you are interested in, IN ADVANCE of the 10th.

IMPORTANT TIP:  You can use the column titles to sort the list of zip codes.

Typically, when I am assisting subscribers in finding great zip codes, I will sort by the 4th column: “Zip Code Income (Millions)”. The number in that column is a result of multiplying column 5 times column 6 (Number of Households times Income Per Household). You will need to click that column heading twice. The first time you click it sorts from smallest number to the largest. The second time you click it sorts from largest to the smallest.

TIP:  In densely populated, urban areas, increase the “Number of Listed Zip Codes” from the default number of 100. This will enlarge the area of the state that you are looking at.

Once you have the list that you want, print that list. I would then highlight the zip codes that you would really like to get. Once again, make sure that list is done in advance of the 10th.

On the morning of the 10th you will want to replicate the list again, doing the same search and sort. Check your old list with the new list to see if zip codes that previously had 3 subscribers listed now have 2 or less. If that happens, and it’s one of the zip codes that you want, fire off your email at 12pm to:
TIP:  Don’t wait too long after finding zip codes that you want. You can send multiple emails. Remember, first come first served. I promise you, if you wait too long, some zip codes that you want will be gone by the time you ask for them.

Make sure that we have your name and phone number in the email. Once we get to you in time order, we will call you and ask for your credit card information.

IMPORTANT:  Compulife keeps no credit card records for subscribers. If we don’t have your credit card number, they can’t be stolen from us. Every purchase by credit card, requires the credit card again.

Changes Coming in Montana?
One of the life insurance companies we are quoting for has advised they are NOW offering sex distinct rates in Montana. Wow, that’s new. For the past 40 years the ladies in Montana have been paying too much for life insurance and it appears that the state will be the last to break free from it’s unisex rules for life insurance pricing. The previous state to do that was Massachusetts.

The change from unisex to sex distinct is a simply switch in each product, and so as other companies to the same, we should be able to make those changes quickly – assuming we are told about it. If you sell in Montana and you hear one of your companies has made the change, please let us know. If you are the FIRST to alert us, we will see you get the 10% coupon for being first in with the information.

Our Current Programming Plans for 2022
The following is the current order for new work that we will be doing in 2022:

      • Introduction of New PC Version: CQS.EXE
      • Overhaul Of Current Product Data Files
    • Introduction of Compulife Basic Plus (with Pick 12)

Anyone with questions about any of these upcoming projects can call Bob Barney to discuss:

(888) 798-3488

Please don’t email me essay questions, just call. If I’m not in, email me your phone number, I’ll call you.

These planned objectives will easily consume our programming time during 2022. The good news is that once the product data files have been converted, and we have introduced the new CQS.EXE, and upgraded our internet engine to use the new data files, Compulife will be turning it’s full attention to our web based, Compulife Basic software. The long term goal is to have a web based product that does everything our PC based software does.


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