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Update News for April 2017

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

    • The Need to LIBERATE ZIP CODES



    • Local Zip Codes – No Longer FREE



    • You Can Lock In The Old Deal For Up to 5 Years



    • “New Deal” Starts April 18th



    • The Zip Code Warranty



    • Internet Engine Price Increase



These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

Up until now each subscriber to Compulife was provided 3 local zip codes for FREE with their subscription to Compulife. At your first subscription renewal AFTER April 14th that will no longer be the case. You can still keep those local zip codes but at your first renewal after April you will have to pay for them.

One of the reasons for this change is that some of the subscribers who have 3 local zip code listings don’t realize that they do and many don’t appreciate what they have. Some, due to the nature of their business, don’t want/need those zip codes and we think this change to our pricing will liberate those zip codes and get them back into the pool of available zip codes which other subscribers can purchase when they become available. It will also allow subscribers to bump their way into those zip codes on November 6th, when they stop being locally owned.

A zip code that someone is not using is a waste. Now that we will be invoicing subscribers for local zip codes we hope that those who don’t normally read our material will stop and pay attention. We expect to hear, “Heah, what’s this zip code thing on my invoice?” Our response will be, “Heah, no problem, if you aren’t using the zip codes we’ll just remove those from your account and invoice.” The price of the software will then be unchanged.

Local Zip Codes – No Longer FREE
Local zip codes are different from the additional zip codes which can be bought on a calendar year basis. Even though local zip codes are no longer free, they are still a great deal for two reasons:

First, the 3 local zip codes give you “bumping” ability over the zip codes that people buy in addition to their local zip codes.

Second, the 3 local zip codes cost $12 each per year ($36 for the 3 zip codes). By comparison additional zip codes are sold on an individual basis for $1.50 per month payable to the end of the calendar year. In effect the additional zip codes are $18 per year; not $12. Unlike local zip codes, additional zip codes are only available on a first come, first serve basis.

It is also worth noting, that now that local zip codes are no longer free the zip code warranty will begin to apply to those zip codes as well as the additional zip codes that many subscribers purchase. Read further to understand that warranty.

NOTE: Standard license subscribers (who pay $300 per year for Compulife) can buy an additional block of 3 local zip codes, for a total of 6. The second block of 3 Local zip codes are sold for $36. If you are a personal use subscriber, and would like 3 more local zip codes, you can upgrade to a standard license for an additional $120 per year.

You Can Lock In The Old Deal For Up to 5 Years
If you act by April 14, 2017 you can lock in the Old Deal where you got your local zip code listing included in the price of the Windows software (in other words: FREE). If you don’t care about zip code listings there is nothing that you need to do.

Further, in the January Update News we announced the “30th and 35th Anniversary Special” To summarize that, agents can get a 4 or 5 year subscription to Compulife and take 30% off the total price. If you want to read more detail about that, you can go back to the January Update News by clicking here:

January Update News
While the 30% discount will be available until the end of October (both the Canadian and U.S. companies were actually founded in October 1982 and 1987 respectively), you have until April 14th to lock in the old “deal” and combine that with the 30% discount.

“New Deal” Starts April 18th
Generally Compulife invoices renewals 45 days before a subscription expires. For those whose subscription will expire at the end of May, 2017, we invoice renewals for 2017/2018 in the middle of April.

Beginning April 18th, when we issue those renewal invoices, local zip codes will be broken out as a separate line item and the charge for the 3 local zip codes will be $36. The exception to that will be those who have a standard license, and who have decided to take advantage of the option to buy 6 local zip codes for $72.

Once again, Compulife subscribers have until Friday, April 14th to lock in the old deal for up to 5 years.

EXAMPLE: You have a personal use subscription and were paying $180 per year which included your local zip codes for free. You’re first renewal invoice, AFTER April 14th (45 days before expiration) will be for $180 PLUS $36 which is a total of $216.

Remember, you are NOT required to buy/pay for local zip codes. Simply contact us and tell us you don’t want those zip codes and your invoice will be re-issued for just the $180.

And don’t forget, if you want those local zip codes for FREE you can act before April 14th and add up to 5 years to your current subscription by paying $180 times the number of years that you want less the accumulated discount that we offer:


Period Of Renewal Discount
2 Years 10%
3 Years 20%
4 Years 30%
5 Years 30%

As we noted earlier, the special anniversary discounts for 4 and 5 years will be available to the end of October. However, the ability to lock in the “old deal” where 3 local zip codes come WITH your subscription for FREE is gone after April 14th.

Assume that you have your 3 local zip codes, and you want to keep those. You would be well advised to act before April 14th, and add 1 to 5 years to your current subscription.

Let’s say you want to add 5 years. The math is simple. Take $180 X 5 which is $900, subtract 30% from $900 ($270 discount) and you pay $630 for 5 years.

Question: Is the money refundable if you want to quit during the 5 years. NO.

But remember, a software license to Compulife is fully transferable. Find another agent, who is NOT a Compulife subscriber, and you can sell the unused portion of your license for any price that you want.

Let’s imagine that after 3 years (2 years left on your license) that you want out. At that point, a Compulife subscription, with 3 local zip code listings is $180 plus $36 ($216). Assuming we are still giving the 10% discount, the retail value of the rest of your subscription to another agent would be $216 X 2 X .9 (10% off) = $388.80. Tell your friend that you’ll give them your subscription for say $315 (a 20% saving), and you will have gotten half your money back having used 60% of the subscription yourself.

And yes, AS ALWAYS, if you are referring/introducing a new person to Compulife, we’ll sweeten that deal if they do the trial and the tutorial. They’ll get a bonus 6 months added to the subscription and a 4th local local zip code for FREE for the rest of that subscription.

Let me explain that by explaining the referral deal. Normally a new prospective customer to Compulife can get a 4 month FREE subscription to Compulife by installing a FREE TRIAL version of the software and then doing a “tutorial”. The tutorial teaches the new user to build a Pick 12 spreadsheet and email us the results.

But if YOU refer that agent to us we bonus their 4 free months to 6. As compensation for your referral, we give you an additional LOCAL ZIP CODE for FREE for up to 3 years (to the end of the year we are in plus 2). Refer someone in March, and you would get another LOCAL ZIP CODE for free to the end of December 2019. Yes, it’s a LOCAL zip code meaning you can use it to bump someone within 20 miles of your location (bumping occurs in November). At the end of 2019, when it ceases to be a free local zip code, you will have first right of refusal to renew that zip code as a paid zip code listing.

THERE IS NO LIMIT to the number of local zip codes that you can add by referring agents. Refer 100 agents for trials, and each one that does the tutorial gets a FREE 6 months subscription (including their own 3 zip code listings) and you get a FREE local zip code to the end of 2019.

Did I mention there is NO LIMIT to the number you can earn? I am always amazed by the number of subscribers who miss this opportunity to earn more local zip codes. Folks, this stuff is important.

The only other way to add more local zip codes is to upgrade to a standard license which allows you to double your local zip codes from 3 to 6.

The Zip Code Warranty
This past year we formalized what we have been telling our customers for a number of years. For every 3 zip code listings a subscriber has we expect ONE email contact from a consumer. We don’t count test emails, duplicate emails or obvious spam (and we don’t get many of any of those).

We are now guaranteeing that you get that result or your zip code renewals for the following year will be adjusted (at your request).

NOTE: The warranty does not and did not apply to free zip codes if that’s all you had. The reason is that the warranty basically lets you get your listings for free again which was redundant if you were getting them for FREE anyway.

Let’s say you have 30 total zip codes, 3 locals and 27 additional zip codes. We expect (guarantee) that during the course of that year you will get 10 email contacts from consumers.

NOTE: This does not include phone contacts – we wouldn’t know if someone called you anyway. Incidentally, if you are listed in a zip code that is local, make sure you show a local phone number because consumers will be more inclined to call that.

If in the above example you get less than 10 contacts here’s how the renewal for the following year would work:

Let’s assume you only got 5 contacts from the 30 zip codes. That would be the number of contacts that we would expect that 15 zip code listings would produce. Therefore, in the following year we will let you keep the exact same 30 listings, and charge you as though you were only buying 15 of them. Your invoice would be cut in half. Note: You can add to the original 30 but you cannot subtract or change the original 30 if we do that.

In effect, we are reducing the following year price for under-performing zip codes.

So while you will now start paying for those 3 local zip code listing (at your first renewal after April 14th) we are guaranteeing that you will get one email contact from those 3 listings or you go back to getting those 3 zip codes for free the following renewal.

Internet Engine Price Increase
The annual price of the internet engine is being increased from $960 to $1,200 effective April 14th. In order to purchase an internet engine, a subscriber must have a $300 standard license agreement, so the total cost will be going from $1,260 to $1,500 per year.

IMPORTANT: Subscribers of the Internet engine have until April 14th to lock in the old price for up to 5 years, and yes, the same multi-year discounts that apply to basic subscriptions also apply to the internet engine price.

EXAMPLE: You are an internet engine customer and you want to lock in the old price for 5 years. The current annual subscription price (total) is $1,260. Multiply that by 5 and you get $6,300. Deduct from that 30% ($1,890) and your total cost for 5 years is $4,410.



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