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Update News for April 2013

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

    • Putting Compulife’s Mobile Version on Your Apple



    • Compulife Can Run On A Mac



    • Simplifying Your Comparison Printouts



    • We Have Moved – Address Change



These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

Putting Compulife’s Mobile Version on Your Apple
One of the nagging problems we seem to routinely run into is folks with Apple Iphones or Ipads having difficulty with exceeding their browser limit. The problem has to do with the settings on your Apple device. Here is how that can be resolved:

1. Go to the Settings Icon on your iPhone or iPad

2. Scroll down then tap on Safari Settings

3. Tap on Accept Cookies

4. Make sure you choose the option “Always”

As background, the mobile version of Compulife is web based. The reason for this is we simply do not want to try to produce an “ap” (aka software program) for every one of these different devices that comes along. We got dragged into the Palm and original Windows mobile applications, and still produce software for those devices (for about another year), despite the fact that they are no longer the flavor of the month. And yes, we do have some customer who still use that older technology. The reason: it works.

When the Apple stuff came along we thought “fool me once…”. We simply are not going to add additional device based software and get stuck having to maintain and upgrade it. Instead we decided to opt for a mobile version that could be run on any browser based device, not just Applie products. But the problem is how do you create a mobile, web based version and protect it from being run by anyone and everyone else.

The solution was to have our software identify devices and then to limit the number of devices that each user could have. What we have come up with works pretty well, but it does require that each device accept cookies. Some devices, like the Apple, have to be set correctly or the cookie system does not function properly. And if the cookies are not accepted properly, then our mobile software thinks you are using another new device, each time you try to access it.

At this point we are quite happy with the overall function of our software on these devices. We do have plans to spend time to enhance and add features in the future. The challenge in adding more features is to keep the user interface simple enough so that it is both easy to use, and works the same (and properly) on all the various browsers provided on these various devices. That is no small challenge but generally we have managed to meet that objective to date.

Compulife Can Run On A Mac
We say “can run” on a Mac, but to do so requires the purchase of software that allows your Mac computer to run Windows software. We have little or no experience in this, with the exception of one product called Parallels which you can find at:
Yes, this does require you to buy software which is not provided by Compulife. But if you provide us with a copy of your invoice to buy Parallels we will let you deduct the cost from a 3 year subscription to Compulife (maximum deduction of $69).

Normally a personal use subscription to Compulife is $199 per year, and so the cost over 3 years is $597. But if you buy 3 years in advance, you can cut that cost down to $449, saving yourself $150. If you have to buy Parallels to run Compulife on a Mac, we will let you deduct the cost of Parallels (up to $69) from the $449. This offer is NOT retroactive, and can only be used when making a new subscription purchase of Compulife.

Incidentally, I was on vacation for a week in March and staying at a resort that offered Apple products for browsing the web. I remain amazed by people who think Apple based equipment is better than Windows. Sorry, I just don’t get it. Having said that, our staff have just decided they want Iphones and so clearly some Apple products are well liked. I will continue to have and use my RAZR phone (I know, I’m a dinosaur).

Simplifying Your Comparison Printouts
One of the routine calls we seem to get is whether or not a comparison, like the one that appears on screen, can be printed. The answer is yes.

To do this you need to set the comparison pages to 0 (zero) and the summary pages to 1 or more.

At the top of Display Product Comparison window is an option called “Print Options”. The first option lets you set the number of comparison pages to print.

The comparison page is the 2 X 3 products page with a total of 6 products. Each box or cell shows the initial premium of the product followed by 5 sample renewals.

This page was first designed by Compulife president Bob Barney in 1981, and was intended to provide a consumer with information about the renewal structure and sample premiums for each of the lowest cost policies. Unfortunately term life insurance renewals have degenerated to the point (they are so darn high) where no one offers an attractive renewal premium option. There is now little point comparing renewals for the same types of product, ie. 10 year versus 10 year.

Where renewal premiums are important is when you can place products side by side with longer level term plans. That is best done using the Pick 12 Policy Analysis where you can put a 10 year next to a 20 year next to a 30 year policy. That will help your insurance buyer realize that if they need insurance longer than 10 years, then 10 year term is the last thing they should think about buying.

The second option on the Print Option menu is the number of summary pages. The summary page has essentially the same look and feel as the comparison display; one line for each company/product. Many agents prefer that format but don’t know how to use that without the comparison pages (6 products per page).

Once again, set the comparison pages to zero, and then set the summary pages to 1, 2, 3, whatever.

That is also a nice format if you are doing multiple categories, such as 10, 20 and 30 year term. Set the comparison pages to zero, summary page to 1, and do a multiple category comparison of 10, 20 and 30 year term, showing 15 results (for each category). That makes a nice single page presentation.

A couple of other nice options to sweeten the page can be found under “Options” at the top of the Display Product Comparison windows. Tell the system you want “annual and monthly” and also turn on the A.M. Best ratings in your comparison results. Those will now appear in comparison summary page – all on one page.

I think that makes a nice presentation is you add a Pick 12 spread sheet. From the comparison right click on the 10, 20 and 30 year plans that you like best, slapping those products into the Pick 12 Analysis. Go to the Pick 12 printout and add that to your quote. In two pages you will have a nice way to tell your client the story without producing massive amounts of paper.

We Have Moved – Address Change
Here is the address for the new office:

Compulife Software, Inc.
1509 Paradise Camp Road
Harrodsburg, KY 40330
The toll free number for the office is the same but the fax line has changed to:

FAX: (859) 748-8139


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