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U.S. Update News October 2000

COMPULIFE® Software, Inc.
The November 2000 disk update will be processed Wednesday, October 25 and Thursday, October 26th. Disks will be shipped Friday, October 27th. You should have the November Update in your office Tuesday, October 31st. The Internet monthly update will be posted some time on October 27th to our three monthly update websites.

Unless you have made arrangements to purchase your diskettes, please return your “September disks” ONLY AFTER you have successfully installed this October 2000 Update. August disks are your backup in case you should have problems installing the October edition.

Internet Monthly Updates
For those who hate returning disks there are two alternatives to eliminate the problem. One alternative is to switch over to obtaining monthly updates by Internet. Not only will you not have the expense and hassle of returning disks, you will save $50 per year in license fees.

Before switching to updates by Internet we require that you complete a special addendum to the license agreement called the “Internet Update Endorsement”. Once you return that to us we will send you the “Internet Master Disk” which you will need to be able to process the “MONTHLY.CMP” file that you will then be downloading each month.

If you want to switch over to Internet monthly updates, please call our office at (800) 798-3488. Our staff will send you the Internet Update Endorsement.

Disk Purchase Program
The other way to avoid returning disks each month is to pre-purchase them for $21 per year ($1.75 per month). If you do so you can keep them for future reference, throw them away or return them for a credit (once each year) when you are invoiced for the next twelve boxes. This is less than it costs to mail back disks each month.

Price Changes
Compulife has made two changes to our software prices. Both represent lower costs for customers.

Internet Engine
The Internet comparison engine price has been lowered by $500. A regular subscriber (not personal use) who wants to have a customized version of our web service on their own web server, can obtain our Internet comparison engine for $1,995 first year and $1,495 second year.

That will also include access to our new “income replacement calculator” which will be available at the website in the very near future. That’s a web version of our F7 function key in the comparison program. This helps a consumer to understand how much lump sum money it takes to replace an annual paycheck for a period of time. The calculation takes into account inflation and interest/growth on money.

Those Compulife subscribers who use this important analysis tool have told us that their average face amount sales increase substantially. Check it out in the software (F7) and check it out at the website. It’s the button next to the face amount.

Compulife Lite
Compulife has lowered the price for Compulife Lite. The one year subscription price is now $99 and a two year subscription is $189. Those existing Compulife subscribers who want to purchase additional Lite subscriptions for their brokers can do so for $89 per year. Further, any existing Compulife agency subscriber, buying 20 Lites, gets a free Internet comparison engine.

Lite is light in two ways. First, Lite is the DOS only version of our software. For most running Windows, the DOS version works just fine. The only problems that we experience with the DOS system are printer related. Some “Windows only” printers will not print ANY DOS material (so don’t buy one of those printers) and some Windows networks (Windows peer to peer connections) have trouble printing. For those having such problems, the Windows version of Compulife is best.

Second, Lite does not include one year (ART) or five year term. This keeps the entire software package small enough to fit on two disks which are shipped “regular mail”. To those buying Lite for their brokers, those Lites are shipped to you with your regular disk update (2 day Priority Mail).

For Sale:
As of the writing of this bulletin the largest bid for the domain name was $140. The most current bids received are posted at The domain name will be sold very soon.

New Windows Comparisons Internet Monthly Update
As promised, the first general release of the new Windows software is being sent out with the October Internet edition of Compulife. Those updated monthly by disk will have to wait for at least two more months.

If you want the new edition, and don’t update by Internet, you can get the newest Windows program at our mid-month update site at or Call us if you have any trouble downloading the mid-month update file.

The introduction of the new Windows version is being divided into two stages in order to reduce the telephone support pressure on our staff. We anticipate a lot of calls from those shocked to find that their comparison system has changed, and unable to figure out how to make it work (they’re used to the old method and don’t read bulletins). Once we get through that learning curve, we will add the newest version to the disk updates.

Fall Back Position
There is an important safety valve in the new Windows program. You can select, from the Master Menu’s option menu, either the Windows comparisons or the DOS comparisons. In other words, you can go right back to having the Windows version call the DOS comparison module just as it does now. If in doubt you can flip back to the DOS module and double check your values. If you are satisfied that the Windows version is working properly, you can flip right back to using the Windows comparison. We like the safety of our built-in Windows/DOS redundancy.

Finally, the free month offer for being the first to find a rate error stands. This means that if you use the new Windows program, and find a rate quotation mistake, you get a free month for being first to report it.

Windows Comparisons – The Changes from DOS
Compulife’s new Windows comparison program is now being provided to customers. Those who are used to the way the DOS comparison module works will find that there are some new concepts which have been introduced for Windows. This document will try to “catch you up” on those changes.

Fall Back Position
No matter what, if you are stuck and can’t make the Windows version do something you need, you can turn the DOS module back on. To do that go to the top of the red Master Menu, click on Options, and click on Windows CQS. This will remove the check mark. The Windows Master Menu will go back to calling the DOS comparison module and you can switch back to Windows CQS anytime you want. Safety first.

Windows Comparisons
When you hit the F3 key there is no more blue screen with a list of product categories. With Windows, when you hit F3, you immediately get comparison results for the client that you entered, for the last comparison category that you selected.

Changing Categories
Changing the comparison category is a drop menu selection found in the top left of the comparison window.

If your current comparison is listed as “20 Year Level Term Guaranteed”, you will notice a small gray down arrow/button to the right of the white (or yellow) line. When you click that arrow/button, the list of categories is displayed. Move your mouse pointer to the category that you want and click on it. The new comparison will execute immediately.

Note: Non-guaranteed comparison categories are highlighted in yellow. Also, comparison results that appear in yellow, are products where the

Selecting Comparison Options
Comparison options are listed as “Options” at the top of the screen. Click on options, select the one that you want, and the comparison will re-display with that option.

Filing to Pick 5
You can now file to Pick-5 directly from the comparison results. Click your right mouse button, or press your right arrow key, to display the “Pick 11 Product List”.

Tip: You will now have two windows displayed. Size and position them so you can see both. If your screen has fairly high resolution like mine, try what I’ve done. I have sized my comparison window to take up the entire left side of my screen. I sized my “Pick 11 Product List” window to appear in the bottom right corner of my screen.

To file a product to Pick 5, click the left button on the product in the comparison. This moves the light blue highlighter to that product. Click the right button to transfer the product to the “Pick 11 Product List” window.

Tip: A shortcut exists where you move the mouse pointer to the product, and even without the highlight line on that product, a right button will transfer the product which is under the pointer.

Personally, I prefer doing it the same way as I do in DOS. You can move the light blue highlight line with the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard. Once you have highlighted the product you want, a right arrow will transfer it to the “Pick 11 Product List” window.

Displaying a Single Product
You can move the highlight line (or your mouse pointer) to a product in the comparison. A double-click of the mouse pointer displays that product. Alternately, you can move the blue line to a product, and the ENTER key will display the single product (just as it does in DOS).

Note: With the single product window displayed, size and position it so you can see the comparison, and the single product window, at the same time. Mine is sized and position in the top right corner of the screen, to the right of my comparison window and above my “Pick 11 Product List” window.

F2 Displaying a Single Product
This displays the same single product window that you get with a comparison, although size and position will be different, and can remain different from the comparison single product window.

To select a different company, click the down arrow/button to the right of the name of the company. When you click on the company you want, the product closest in type to the last company you looked at, is displayed. To select a different product, click the down button to the right of the product name.

Call for More
OK. That’s it. No more documentation; I don’t need lectures from people who complain they can’t read this stuff. If you have familiarized youself with the items talked about here, and have questions or need more information, call us at (800) 567-8376 for further help.


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