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Dear Bob,

Late Friday afternoon I arrived home after a relaxing day of boating with my wife and my office line rang twice. Each time with a caller interested in life insurance. As tired as I was, I obtained their information and sent out three applications which resulted in approximately $3,200 in premiums. Not bad for 10 minutes of work.

My name is Steven Fishman and I have sold life insurance since 1971. Over the years, our leads have come from several avenues including, internet leads, followed by call transfers, radio advertising, you name it. Of all the leads I have tried, one source has consistently proven to be the best, “Term 4 Sale” a Bob Barney creation. Let me explain. To be profitable in this forum you must make at least $4 for every $1 spent. My goal was $8 to $1, which is very hard to do with the exception of “Term 4 Sale”. We purchased the maximum amount of zip codes and ended the year with a $10 to $1 ratio.

The bottom line is “Term 4 Sale” is your best dollar spent for serious buyers of life insurance.

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