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Update News for July 2015

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

    • Data Changes Delayed, One More Month



    • We Are Betting On Microsoft



    • Hedging Our Bets



    • Special Referral Opportunity



    • Why Are FREE Zip Codes So Important?



    • Zip Code Listings
      Rule Changes For 2016


These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

Data Changes Delayed, One More Month
We have decided to add further changes to the data structure changes that we are making to defeat those pirating our software. The additional changes will make it necessary for someone to steal our new internet engine, in order to pirate our software and run updated rates. Without the new software, anyone running the current Internet Engine (soon to be obsolete) will be stuck in the past, with rates getting more and more out-of-date.

As I have explained previously, the “Internet Engine” is the product that costs $960 per year; most subscribers do NOT have that option.. If you are not buying that option, then the changes we are making will be invisible to you, and you won’t see any difference in how the software works or what it does today. There is nothing you will have to do, assuming we have not introduced un-discovered bugs into the software, which is why we have decided to take one more month to make sure that everything is working as it should.

We are now communicating with Internet Engine users by email, and if you are an Internet Engine user, and you have NOT been getting those emails, then you need to email us

We Are Betting On Microsoft
Last month we talked about a couple of VERY interesting Windows 8.1 tablets, one of which was the HP Stream (available in a 7″ or 8″ model). The 7″ is selling for under a hundred bucks. Here are the current going prices for these devices:

HP Stream 7 Windows 8.1 4G-Enabled Tablet, 32GB
HP Stream 8 Windows 8.1 4G-Enabled Tablet, 32GB
Both devices run the full Windows version of Compulife and both are still, INSANELY cheap. We have made changes to make Compulife easier to use on those tablets.

The big difference is the new way to put products into Pick 12. If our software detects a touch screen available, you can touch and hold on a product in the comparison, and then “sweep” your finger or stylus right. Note, some customers have emailed and asked for the free stylus that we are sending to customers who ask for it, get your’s by emailing and giving us your mailing address. The movement of your finger or stylus will first display the Pick 12 Product List. With the list on the screen, click and sweep right again, and the product goes into Pick 12. It works super slick.

TIP:    I like to move the “Pick 12 Produce List” box, which lets you see the products you have filed, from the bottom right corner of the tablet screen to the top right corner. I then move the “Display Single Product” box from the top right, to below the “Pick 12 Product List”. That lets me see the box easier, and I don’t block it with my hand as I am filing products. If you don’t know how to do that, give us a call.

I am very, very happy with the way this works. It gives subscribers, who have devices like these, the best Compulife software product in a completely mobile and autonomous environment. And with device prices under $100, this is a NO BRAINER.

In that context, I found this article a really interesting read:

making its Windows software work across all devices
While the article’s big story is the executive shake-up at Microsoft, the underlying significance is the determination of Microsoft to make Windows 10 an operating system that is used by all devices: computers, tablets, phones, etc. Given that Compulife has focussed on Windows software for over 2 decades, we like what we are hearing and looking forward to what is coming. For now and a very significant period of time to come, Compulife will deliver our best product experience for the Windows operating system.

Hedging Our Bets
One of the objectives of the “overhaul” that we are doing to Compulife, is to move our product to a more browser based user interface. If we can rely upon browsers as the way that you talk to our quoting engine, and let the engine do the heavy lifting in terms of looking up and producing quotes and comparisons (as our internet engine does now), it then means it is easier to take our product to other operating systems and environments if the market demands.

We still get calls from agents, wondering if we can run on a Mac. Even though there is a software product called “Parrallels”, that lets Mac users run Windows software on their Mac, I have little doubt we would close more sales if we simply had “Mac” software. It’s just that the added cost to program for a Mac, and set up a Mac user interface, does not warrant the investment of time and money. However, if we get to where we are heading, that investment would be much smaller.

So the best Compulife experience will continue to be for Windows computers, and other situations like our mobile and internet software, will be playing catch up once our data overhaul is complete. Eventually the web based version of Compulife will be able to do all the things our Windows software does, but that’s down the road.

Special Referral Opportunity
We have a NEW referral program that you need to pay particular attention to.

If you introduce a new subscriber to Compulife they will get some FREE STUFF and so will you.

For your referral: FREE Compulife (including web quotes and 3 free zip codes listings) to the end of 2015 (that’s 6 months if you include July, versus the usual 4 months). The sooner the referral gets going, the longer that they will have free software and zip codes.

For you: A FREE zip code listing at until the end of 2017. That’s $37.50 value ($1.25 X 30). You need to keep reading for more information about why this is more valuable than just $37.50. The sooner you get the referral started, the longer you will have benefit of your additional free zip codes.

How does this work?

First, you must give us the referral using THIS FORM:

30-Day FREE Trial Referral
Second, your referral must install the 30 day free trial and complete the tutorial. If they do not complete the tutorial, you do not get your additional free zip code listing to the end of 2017.

So it is important for you to make the referral and then follow-up with your referral to make sure that they do the tutorial. Remind them that they get Compulife free to the end of the year, which includes 3 free zip code listings at They also get the webquote option for free to the end of the year.

And folks, if the agent won’t take the time to spend 10 minutes to learn to use software that will make them money, then they aren’t worth our time or bother. That’s why we need you to ride herd and get them to do that tutorial.

That may sound harsh, but we have learned, after many years, that if people don’t learn how to use our software (or any software) then they won’t use it. And if you don’t use Compulife, then you won’t realize it will MAKE YOU MONEY. And if Compulife doesn’t make you money, then why buy it? I wouldn’t buy it either.

And those who do use our software, KNOW IT MAKES THEM MONEY.

Why Are FREE Zip Codes So Important?
The ability for you to add FREE zip code listings is VERY important. FREE zip codes (you already have 3 free zip codes with your subscription) are important because they can BUMP paid listingsin your local area.

Bumping zip codes is ONLY allowed in the first week of November. If you purchased a zip code listing that listing is secure to the end of that year. However, you may not be able to renew that listing the following year should that listing get bumped by someone who is in the local area of that zip code and who elects to use that zip code as one of their FREE zip codes.

Once again, bumping can only occur in the first week of November and will only take affect at the beginning of the following year. When you bump a paid listing, we do not renew that listing for the person who previously paid for it. When there is more than one paid listing in a zip code, we bump the newer subscribers first. Those who have been with us the longest have seniority.

IMPORTANT:   To ensure that Jeremiah and Pat aren’t overwhelmed with this process, Compulife will not be accepting new zip code purchases during November and December. This will freeze our current zip code listings to the end of December.

During the first week of November we will process the changes as a result of bumping. We will remove bumped zip codes from subscribers paid listings prior to the invoicing of renewals for 2016. Those who ask to have their free listings moved into those other zip codes will have the other zip codes appear in January, not before.

Further, after the first week of January we will remove those listings that were not renewed (paid) and post the new list to the web site. At that point you would be well advised to check the site to see if there are listings that you want, that have now opened up.

That’s why the referral program is SO IMPORTANT. If you can ADD free zip codes to your account, which are then paid to the end of 2017, it means that you can use those additional FREE zip codes, in the first week of November, to bump paid listings. And making referrals to Compulife is the ONLY WAY you can add additional FREE zip code listings.

For example, let’s say that you refer 10 new agents to Compulife, and they all do the tutorial to get their free subscriptions to the end of 2015. You will receive 10 FREE zip code listings to the end of 2017 (a $375 value). For the balance of 2015 you can only select zip codes that are available. You can check to see what is available here:

Zip Code Analyzer
IMPORTANT: In the first week of November you can ask to move those 10 FREE zip codes and BUMP 10 paid zip code listings which you would rather have (ONLY in your local area). Those free zip codes will be FREE to the end of 2017.

VERY IMPORTANT: When you come to 2018 you will have the right to keep those zip codes by paying to renew them.

Do you UNDERSTAND the value of this offer?

If it hasn’t hit you by this point, try reading it again. If you still don’t get it, call me (Bob Barney) at (888) 798-3488.

In becoming a part-time sales person for Compulife, for the next couple of months, it means that you can bank some FREE zip codes for 2015/2016/2017. Those zip codes can then lead to more life insurance sales through

And this isn’t that hard. After all, it doesn’t take much of a salesman to give stuff away for FREE.

Zip Code Listings
Rule Changes For 2016
And here is why this is even more important. It is becoming more and more difficult for new subscribers to find good zip codes that are available. That means that your FREE zip codes are becoming more important because it often takes a free zip code to get a good zip code in your local area. The problem with that is that three is the limit of free zip codes with a subscription. After that you have to buy zip codes listings and they are on a first come, first served basis.

Therefore, the ability to get more FREE zip codes in your area is really important. It represents the ONLY way that you can get people who buy and renew the codes that they have in your area, moved out of those listings. The time that you take to promote Compulife in the next few weeks can provide you with an enduring benefit with respect to insurance sales.

No doubt some folks who got in the listing game early, and who bought some of the best zip code listings, will be unhappy about this. Our advice for those subscribers is to take advantage of this same special offer and lock down a bunch of zip codes in their own local area, by getting those for free. That saves you money, and that locks down those zip codes. Our goal is to have a STRONG local presence in all the zip code listings. It’s not that buying paid listing outside your immediate area is unwelcome, it’s just more important that we have lots of subscribers able to derive sales from their own local area.

But we still have a problem. Even brand new subscribers who have three free zip codes to place, are finding it tough to get a good zip code listing in their area. Many are already full. They are being told that they will have to wait until November to bump some of the paid listings, assuming that they have become a paying subscriber by that time. They have to settle for what is available until then. For that reason we still need to thin the herd and we will need to make some further changes to paid zip codes listings for 2016.

    • First, for 2016 we will reduce the maximum number of paid zip codes that you can buy from 100 to 90. Those personal use subscribers, who are currently buying 100 zip codes, will have to cut 10 of those zip codes from their 2016 listings at renewal time in November (to take affect in January). Of course some of those cuts may happen anyway, when those using free zip codes bump paid zip codes. The good news is that the price for the first 90 zip codes will remain unchanged at $1.25 per month (times 12;


    •  each per year).

Second, we will decrease the maximum number of paid zip codes from 400 to 360 for standard license subscribers. The price for the zip codes over the personal use allotment (91 to 360) will be unchanged at $1.50 per month (times 12; $18 each per year).

The principle in making these changes is to broaden the number of Compulife players on the field. We DO NOT want any one customer capitalizing on the benefits of We prefer that a majority of subscribers derive a benefit from the site, not just a minority. In the meantime we also hope to continue to grow traffic to the site. While we make the slices of the pie thinner, we are trying to make the pie larger. In the end it may mean you have fewer listings but they should still produce the same number of contacts and sales. That’s our goal.


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