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What Subscribers Say About COMPULIFE 

Over the years, agents have commented on our COMPULIFE products and services.  The following is what they are saying about us:

If you are an agent using Compulife, and have something you’d like to say, please send us a message.

I have been using Compulife for just under a year. I had used it before, but my duties at our merged agency now are exclusive to life insurance. I cannot think of a more important tool in life insurance sales than a subscription to Compulife software. It has been a key to the closing of life insurance sales. I can directly attribute $50,000 of commission to the use of Compulife software. It has far and away paid for itself and continues to everyday.

Prospects are impressed with the impartiality of showing them every carrier that competes in the term insurance marketplace. They realize that I am truly looking out for them. It is easy for me to explain why they may not want to apply with a carrier that I don't feel comfortable doing business with even if it is the least expensive in its category.

It also gives me the advantage of knowing who the competition is and their rates. I'm never surprised by the competition like I was before I had Compulife in my arsenal. The site has also brought me a number of ready to buy life insurance prospects. I have probably made 5 sales that were referred to me by the site. In fact, we are adding the Compulife quoting engine to our agency web site, so the term shoppers can do their own shopping and figure out their rates before I see them.

I am confident that the information is absolutely accurate and up to date. The internet updates make sure I always have the rates as quickly as they hit the streets. Bob Barney has been most helpful in taking time to talk and helping me with any questions I have. They are always innovating new ways to help consumers and agents get the best value for their life insurance dollars. The new Health Analyzer will help agents figure out which rate is truly the achievable rate without having to consult every company underwriting guide

I highly recommend Compulife software and would gladly answer any questions prospective purchasers have about the program.



I am writing to let you know that my agency has profited tremendously from your Compulife software product. I love that with minimal technical know-how almost anyone in my agency can get set up quoting 100's of life insurance companies with just a few clicks.

When you compare Compulife to the alternative of quoting each of the various companies by hand it is truly staggering how much time (and money for me, the agency owner) is saved by using Compulife.

Thanks again and we will be subscribers likely for life!


Compulife has been a trusted partner to going on 15 years. They are dedicated to customer support and keeping up with technology to give you the best chance at selling life insurance online. The staff has been extremely helpful whenever needed and did whatever it took to get the job done. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to capture leads for their insurance business on the web.


Compulife software has been the brains behind our quote engine for the past three years. They are helping the small guy with a website, compete with the major nationals in the life insurance industry.

Compulife has been a huge help in growing both of my websites. There software helped both my sites become major lead generation sites. It's a great service and well worth the cost.


Excited to be a part of the compulife family, Bob really went to bat for us when it came down to getting rate cards for the specific carriers we use.


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