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The new health analyzer option is available in two ways. First, the full health analyzer can be used after the site visitor runs a simple quote, as they do now. The quote results will then include a health analyzer button on the top of the page. If the visitor clicks that, they can then answer the full spectrum of health questions.

The second option is a mini-health analysis which lets you add health questions to the client entry page. The questions are currently limited to smoking, height/weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. The questions are phrased in such a way, that ALL consumers will know the answers easily.

The Health Analyzer add-on is NOT available in combination with the 4 month free trial of the quote system. If you want the option during the 4 months, you will need to pay the $80 which is non-refundable. The reason is that the setup of this option is more complex and difficult than issuing the basic web version. Either option is available to you for the $80 per year additional fee.

COMPULIFE Application - Website Quoter - US

  • Pro-rated to match your current subscription after 4 Free Months
  • Select optional FREE add-ons. These add ons are available with the 4 FREE months.
  • This add-on is NOT available in combination with the 4 Free Months. Must be paid up-front.
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