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Why is COMPULIFE the Best?

  • Compulife quotes more companies
  • Compulife quotes more life insurance products
  • Compulife has more quoting solutions (PC and internet)
  • Compulife is fast and accurate
  • Compulife is committed to being up-to-date
  • Compulife is objective and unbiased
  • Compulife has been in business the longest, since 1982 (38 years)
  • Compulife has the lowest prices for quoting software
  • Compulife will not be undersold
  • Compulife is funded by subscription fees ONLY.
  • Compulife is independently owned and operated
  • Life Insurance companies do NOT pay to be in Compulife
  • Compulife has no hidden “selling ties” to any agency
  • You are free to sell through anyone that you like

Do you have ANY doubts about that we are saying? 

See for yourself.  We offer a FREE 30 day trial of our most powerful quoting software, and if you do a simple 10 minute tutorial, you will get a 4 month, NO OBLIGATION, FREE subscription.  But it if you like it, but there is NO OBLIGATION, NO TRICKS, NO HIDDEN commitment to pay anything. 


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