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Subscribers Feedback - Simplified Issue

In the July 2013 Update News Compulife discussed problems it was having in relationship to "Simplified Issue Products" and asked subscribers to email their views and answers to questions posed. We promised to provide the feedback and keep individual identities anonymous:

1. Should Compulife ignore United of Omaha's request, and place the Simplified Issue products into our software?

2. Do you sell Simplified Issue products?

3. Do you use Compulife to sell Simplified Issue products?

4. Do you use Compulife to sell against Simplified Issue products?

5. Is it fair/unfair to include Simplified Issue products in categories with fully under written products?

6. Should Compulife create separate categories for Simplified Issue products?

7. If yes, what is your definition of a "simplified issue" product?

8. Are all Simplified Issue products the same?

9. Are there some products called "simplified issue" that you do not consider to be simplified issue?

Other Comments Received